Franco-Spanish Peace
The Treaty of Le Havre is a binding treaty between Spain and France that ended the Franco-Spanish War of 1916. The results of the treaty were considered to be one of the increasing factors of tension that brought the world closer to the brink of destruction.

The Treaty was signed in Le Havre, Normandy, France on April 10, 1917 by France and Britain. Spain refused to sign the treaty, and even publicly burned the copy sent to Madrid and portraying France in an unflattering light.

The Treaty of Versailles made this treaty null and void.


  • Spain shall cede the following lands to France:
    • Morocco
    • Spanish Sahara
    • Spanish Equatorial Guinea
    • The Balearic Islands
  • France shall organize the following states
    • French Morocco
    • French Sahara
    • Autonomous Region of the Iles Baleares
  • Spain shall cede the following lands to Britain:
    • Andalusia
  • Aragon and Navarra shall be united into a Political Union with the Republic of France
  • Spain shall recognize all territorial changes as legitimate, binding, and final
  • All hostilities between France, Britain, and Spain shall cease


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