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Treaty of Lausanne (No Napoleon)

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Treaty of Lausanne
16 August 1924
Lausanne, Switzerland
Signatories Flag of Turkey Turkey

Flag of France France

Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire

The Treaty of Lausanne was the peace treaty signed in Lausanne, Switzerland on 16 August 1924, that ended the revolution in the Ottoman Empire, which had successfully been replaced with the Turkish Republic.


Terms of the treaty

  1. The Ottoman Sultanate is overthrown, and a democratic parliamentary system.
  2. The Protectorate of Israel is given independence, thanks in part to British intervention.
  3. Establishment of new subdivisions in Turkey (considered "republics" and more often "states" at the time), including Iraq, Syria and Kurdistan.
  4. The Ottoman Balkan possession (Macedonia) would be divided by Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.
  5. Several Ottoman colonies would be transferred to Turkish allies. These included:

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