The Treaty of Landschut was signed in 1408 by the representatives of Austria and Bavaria, putting an end to the war of Bavarian Succession in which Albert V of Austria had the Bavarian throne claimed for him. The War for the first three and a half years became a war of attrition as William, then-Lord Regent of Austria, proved a mediocre commander at best.

Terms of the TreatyEdit

  • Hostilities Between the Austrian and Bavarian Realms will Cease Immediately
  • The Bavarian Regency council in Landschut will recognize Albert V, Archduke of Austria as the one true Duke of Bavaria. 
  • The Bavarian nobility is allowed to retain its privileges so long as they Recognize Habsburg Dominance over Bavaria
  • All denial of the Privilegium Maius' legitimacy is outlawed in Bavarian Land
  • Albert V of Austria is hereby Recognized as Albert V & II, Archduke of Austria and Bavaria
  • Future succession of Bavaria will follow the rules of Primogeniture starting with Albert V & II


In the Name of Albert V & II, Archduke of Austria and Bavaria, Ernst Habsburg, Named the Iron and Sword of Austria, Lord Regent of the Archduchy and all her Realms-Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag

Person From Bavaria Epic (signed) as long as a)Bavaria is only a vassal and b)Bavaria is a Dukedom and not an Archduchy (Can I still play as Bavaria?)