The Treaty of Kyoto formalises relations between the Manchu Empire and the Fusahito Theocracy to create an alliance between the two powers.


Article #1 - On Trade

1. Completely unrestricted free trade will occur betwen the two states, with ships from either nation able to freely dock at any port without payment of protective tariffs.

2. The Fusahito Theocracy shall respect Manchu trade influence in the Northern part of the continent and in return, the Manchus shall respect Japanese interests in South Asia, particularly the Spice Islands.

Article #2 - On War

1. Each of the signaturies shall promise to aid the other in the event of war if asked, provided that this does not damage national interests.

2. The signaturies shall never use military force against each other or their allies, unless as a response to a declaration of war, the mobilisation of troops or an attack.

3. The Fusahito Theocracy shall offer the Manchu Empire full use of instructors from the Theocratic Army.

4. Plans for the more developed ships in the Fushito navy shall be made available to the Manchu Empire, along with craftsmen to assist in building them.

Article #3 - On The Economy

1. The Fusahito Theocracy shall allow the Manchu Empire to take full advantage of the relative development of the Fusahito Economy. This shall include having total access to stronger Fusahito weaponry and help if needed to establish a centralised stable currency.

2. With regards to agriculture, the Emperor of the Theocracy shall give the Manchu Emperor access to agricultural advisors to aid the development of the Manchu Empire from a tribal, nomadic system to a system of static,centralised settlement.

3. The Manchu Empire shall be able to negotiate loans from the Theocracy to aid the process of state building and the develoment of infrastructure. These loans shall come in the form of Japanese coinage, silver, gold of other commodities available such as silk or furs.

Article #4 - On Land

1. The Manchu Empire shall cede an area of their coast to the Fusahito Theocracy which shall be used to further Japanese trade in the region and to increase Fusahito presence near China.

Treaty of Kyoto

2. The Fusahito Emperor shall promise to expand no further north than Hokkaido, leaving the North Eastern coast of Asia to the Manchu Empire.


Ozymandias2 (talk) 15:45, May 25, 2014 (UTC)

WHY seriously why???!!! 16:06, May 25, 2014 (UTC)

Although we have one extra request, that you send men to help our allies fight Bengal in the Indian war.

Sure, I can't plausibly send a large army by sea, so I'll deliver 20,000 men overland to you to use next turn.


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