The Treaty of Kunene, signed in 1801 between the Nation of |onte and the Union of Königsberg Republics of Pskov and Latvia, brought an end to what would be considered the "First Diamond War".


  • All Hostilities between the nation of |onte and the Union of Königsberg will cease.
    Treaty of Kunene
  • The Nation of |onte will pay the equivalent of 100,000 Zolotniks of War Endemnities.
  • Lands from the Orange River to the Swakop River are to be given to the Union of Königsberg (as shown in map to the right).
    • This new territory will be divided into two Lieutenant-Governates.
      • The Northern Lieutenant-Governate shall be named Dienvidu Zemes Mežāzis, and a resident of the Latvian Republic shall always be given the position of Lieutenant-Governor.
      • The Southern Lieutenant-Governate shall be named Oranzhezemelie.
    • The High-Governor of the Territories shall be appointed by the Grand Senate of the Union of Königsberg, under the advice of the President of the Pskov Imperial Company.
  • Union Citizens abiding in the territories of |onte shall be subject to extraterritoriality, and shall be extradited to the UK West African Territories to be tried under the laws of their Republic for their crimes, and be sentenced under the laws and burdens of their respective Republics.
  • Merchants bearing the Seal and Arms of the Union of Königsberg shall be grated Preferential trade with |onte.
  • The PIC shall appoint the Economic advisor to the King of |onte.


  • Pskovgfull Coat of Arms of Latvia His Supreme Princely Grace, Daniil Gostautas, by the will of the Veche and the people Velikiy Knyaz of Pskov, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Knyaz of Latvia and Belarus, König of Prussia, Consul of Eesti, and of the Whole Union Supreme Prince. -Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag 00:10, March 10, 2015 (UTC)
  • His Royal Highness Rikisi Mon XV of |onte -Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag 00:10, March 10, 2015 (UTC)

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