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The Treaty of Krakow was a document that officially ended the Austrian-Polish War.


  • The nations of Poland and the Slovak lands of Hungary shall be occupied jointly by the German nations and established as independent vassals of the Archduchy of Austria for a length of twenty turns.
  • The nation of Poland during its time under occupation will be ruled by Magnus von Wittelsburg. 
  • After twenty turns the nation of Poland will be granted independence, placed under the rule of a Habsburg-Wittlsburg heir to Magnus von Wittelsburg and descendant of the Hungarian rule previously deposed.
  • The nation of Slovakia will be ceded to Hungary as a vassal under the rule of a Habsburg rule subordinate to the Hungarian crown
  • The Empire of Hispania's parliament request that Hispania play as a powerful third party to make sure the handoff in power goes steady and no subversive things come into effect.


  • Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria, on behalf of Austria and the Holy Roman Empire - Mscoree (talk) 01:43, June 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • Heinrich XVII, Grand Duke and Titular King of Bavaria, on behalf of Bavaria and all tributary states - Cookiedamage (talk) 01:56, June 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • "Shall we dine in Krakow tonight, my friends?" - Friedrich II, Duke of Hamburg and Mecklenburg - Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Gib clay, remove Kebab Flag of the German Empire
  • Alexis Le Habsburg, Empress if Hispania, Queen of Spain, Italy, and Morocco - The Wings of Freedom #FP Wings of freedom 2 (Talk to Me)


Grand Duke Heinrich will sign, knowing that it will be Magnus Wittelsbach who will be providing the male match to whatever female match the Habsburg family will provide. Cookiedamage (talk) 01:45, June 23, 2014 (UTC)

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