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The Treaty of Krakow was an important treaty ending hostilities between the belligerents of the German Patriot War. The treaty was signed on 1 June 1840, officially ending the war. The Treaty of Krakow is regarded as one of the fundamental documents leading to the full sovereignty and recognition of Germany.


  • Germany is to be acknowledged as a sovereign, independent state

  • All German territories currently under Germany’s rule, including territories acquired during the First Austrian War and the War of German Hegemony are to be controlled by Germany at their disclosure

  • The former Danish territories of the Jutland peninsula, including the territory of Schleswig-Holstein are to be annexed by Germany

  • The British held island of Helgoland will be ceded to Germany

  • Germany will release the territory of Transylvania as a German satellite

  • The Ottoman Empire will remove their claims to the former satellites of Moldavia and Wallachia, which will be annexed by the Russian Empire

  • The region of eastern Romania, including the city of Constanta will be annexed by the Russian Empire’’

  • Great Britain will release the islands of Malta as a satellite

  • The Ottoman Empire will be allowed full entry into the Black Sea for trading

  • The German or Swedish navy shall not enter the North Sea for thirty years

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