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The Treaty of Klagenfurt was a document to end Spanish involvement in the Franco-Austrian War and hostilities between Austria and Spain.


Austrian Terms

  • The city of Venice/Venezia will be jointly administered by the nations of Spain and Austria. Venice will nominally be a part of Austria and pay taxes accordingly, but will also be a part of the Spanish trade empire as a whole.
  • Spain will be permitted to use facilities in the city of Venice for the purpose of repairing and maintaining its trade fleet.
  • Austrian possessions in Italy, excluding the region of Tyrol, shall be occupied by Spain for fifty years to ensure the defense of Spanish Italy.
  • During the period of occupation, Austria will be allowed no more than 1,000 Austrian troops within the occupied territory for the purpose of peacekeeping and will consult Spanish troops on all matters regarding the Italian region, including but not contained to: revolts, trade, economics, and naval usage.
  • Spain will release all Austrian prisoners of war, and in terms with the respect shown to Austrian troops and people, will pay off all the damages caused in the Italian region, and forty percent of all damages caused in the areas directly bordering her Italian region.
  • Spain will guarantee Austrian independence for a period of ten years to prevent further reprisal attacks against Austria and to allow for an expedited recovery and re-inclusion into Spain's economic market. During these years Spain will make no moves to hamper Austrian re-expanding into any local vassals or territories due to its crucial location in Central Europe, excluding Italian territory.
  • The nations of Spain and Austria shall agree to a non aggression pact lasting a minimum of twenty-five years.
  • The nation of Spain shall make a proposal to the Westminster allies for the inclusion of Austria.
  • This treaty shall become official upon the signing of the Treaty of Paris between France and Austria.


Um -- Kingdom of Italy is inaccurate, you lost your front, Stay out of my kingdom, period! Second, I said no alliance. We never agreed upon it. Third, Venice returned to its previous status. Those were my terms. You do not make the decisions on a front where I won and you requested a separate treaty to guarantee your southern flank for a period. -Feud


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