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Treaty of Kiwinaw (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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The Treaty of Kiwinaw was signed to end the Mackinac War, while it also reformed the Nehilaw political system.


Article 1: On the Division of Territory 

  • The Ashinabe state shall be henceforth dissolved, and its component territories will become Nehilaw.
  • The western portion, ethnically Chippewa, shall be united with Gojijiwininag to form the larger vassal of Chippewa. 
  • The eastern portion shall become the new vassal of Mackinac. 
  • The southern portion shall become the new vassal of Odawa. 

​Article 2: On Future Politics 

  • The Nehilaw will reform the Sachemate to give full representation (six seats) in the council to all of the new territories. 
  • These territories will have equal rights to the Cree territories, and shall have all commensurate obligations also. 
  • The chiefs of the Ashinabe shall be given these new seats, which shall be theirs for posterity. 


Chieftains of the Ashinabe- 

Isapo-Muxixa, Conqueror of Aksimiki, Caller of Spirits, Speaker with Bears, Admiral of the Adelhied Sea, High Sachem of the Nehilaw - Shikata ga nai! 21:58, October 23, 2014 (UTC)

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