The Treaty of Kempten is a treaty that ended hostilities between the Habsburg Realm of Austria and the three nations of Montford, Kempten and Ulm. It ended a war that austensibly started as a means to "regain the territories of Bavaria", although in reality, as evidenced for the treaty, the war was simply a means to connect "Further Austria" (the county of Habsburg-Wurttemberg) to "Core Austria" and create a central, contiguous, Austrian state to increase central power by removing the roadblocks that ruling a separated territory result in. That is, the difficulty of convincing other nations to allow you to move your military through their territory. 


  1. Hostilities between undersigned parties will be ceased immediately
    Treaty of Kempten 2

    Territorial Result of the Treaty for Austria and Bavaria

  2. The Counts of Montford, Ulm and Kempten will renounce their titles and lands, surrendering them to the Austrian Archduke
  3. The County of "Middle Austria" will be formed, encompasing the territory of the Montford, Ulm and Kempten counties
  4. The Old rulers of these territories will be named viscounts of their old lands if they swear eternal fealty of them and their house to the head of the House of Habsburg
  5. The Viscounts of Montford, Ulm and Kempten will follow all Austrian laws, including the "Guarisson Laws" limiting their military strength in times of war and recognize the Archducal Guards as the official peacekeeping and anti-banditry force
  6. The County of Middle Austria shall be considered integral to the Austrian Realms the same as the County of Habsburg-Wurttemberg (further Austria)


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Count of Montofrd -- Autosigned due to warscore

Count of Ulm -- Autosigned due to warscore

Count of Kempten -- Autosigned due to warscore