Treaty of Koingsberg

The Treaty of Koingsberg was signed on the 18th of December 1658, Several  months after the Unconditional Surrender of the Prussian Armed forces and the King of Prussia at the culmination of the Continuation War, and signaled the end of the "Prussian wars". The Treaty addressed many things, including the outcomes of the French-Prussian War and Roman-Prussian war, addressing the colonies, and the Continuation war("Continuation" of the Lesser Northern War). The So-called "Union of Koingsberg" is named specifically after this treaty.


Article I: The Fate of the Royalty

  • The King of Prussia will Abdicate all titles, and his children, grandchildren, and any heirs will denounce all claim to the kingdom.
  • The Kingdom of Prussia will officially be abolished.
  • The Family of the King may keep a portion of his former wealth, and be left to live their civilian lives.
    • Any talk of reclaiming the kingdom by the Royal family will be punishable by exile to the Isles
    • Other than that no restrictions about going into Politics.
  • The Former Nobility and Royalty currently using styles may continue to use them.

Article II: Partition of the State

  • Prussian Livonia will be divided threefold, The Territory of Grater Narva will be granted to the Republic of Narva, Osel-Wiek and the Territory denoted will be re-formed into the Republic of Tallinn, and in the south of Prussian Livonia, The Remaining territory and Courland will be reformed into the Republic of Latvia. 
  • The Republic of Narva and the Republic of Tallinn will unify into the Federal Republics of Eesti.
  • The Territory denoted on the map south of Latvia will be formed into the Republic of Lithuania Minor
  • The Remaining Prussia and Danzig will Federate into the United Republic of Prussia.
  • The Republics will be In political Union, and share a head of state with Pskov.
  • Constitutions of the new states will be drawn up and approved before 1660.
  • Eesti will be given to the temporary custodianship of the Government of Narva, and the Rest of the nation will be given to the custodianship of Pskov until reforms may be enacted.

Article III: Borealian Affairs

  • Florida Proposal 2
    Florida will be divided between The Roman Empire and The Kingdom of France as indicated on the borealia map. (feel free to be more specific).
  • Any Remaining Colonial Possessions that the Kingdom of Prussia possesses (but especially the Zollern Islands) will be given over to the Pskov Imperial Company, The Zollern Isles will become a new Lieutenant-Governate and therefore be given a single seat in the Parliament.
    • Any other governmental Decisions will be at the discretion of the PIC.

Article IV: Monetary Considerations

  • The Prussian Treasury will pay the Nations of Pskov, Narva, Rome, and France a total sum of gold, silver, or other precious metals equivalent to the value of 500,000 Zolotniks, 5,050,000 Reichtadlers, or 750,000 Stavraton.
  • A Situation of Free trade will exist within all the States of the Baltic affected by this treaty,
  • No merchant flying the flag or bearing the seals of any nations signed or created by this treaty will pay any tariffs in any of the others
  • Other things to follow, maybe


Palaiologos Dynasty emblem Caesar Augustus, Stephen I Palaiologos, Born in the Purple, Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans (Player Sig)

Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France His Majesty (somebody), King of the French (Player Sig)

Republic of Narva Coat of Arms Pskovgfull Her Grand Ducal Grace Elena Mikhailovna Kondratieva, By Will of People and Veche Velikaya Knyaginya of Pskov and Consul of Narva (Player Sig)

Full Coat of Arms of Livonia Wappen Freie Stadt Danzig Prussia PM3 COA His Majesty Albert Hohenzollern, First of His Name, By the Grace of God of Prussia, Livonia, and Danzig King (player Sig)

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