Treaty of Jerusalem
Drafted May 27, 1799
May 27, 1799
Sealed May 28, 1799
Effective May 28, 1799
Signatories Flag of FranceFrench Empire

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of Turkey Ottoman Empire

Languages English


The Treaty of Jerusalem, was signed on May 27, 1799 by the victorious French Empire on the one hand and on the other was the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom. The treaty declared an end to the Egyptian campaign by Napoleon, and forced the Ottoman Empire to withdraw from the French Revolutionary Wars.


  • Great Britain will withdraw all troops and naval warships from the Middle East, and withdraw from the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • Ottoman Empire will withdraw from the French Revolutionary Wars.
  • French acquisition of Egypt, Cyprus, and Crete from the Ottoman Empire.
  • French acquisition of Malta and Gibraltar from Great Britain.
  • Britain and Ottoman Empire will have to pay $1,200,000 over an twenty-five year period.

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