This is a treaty between the Arabian Alliance (Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, and Syria) and Israel to determine the fate of Israel after its conquest by the Arabian Alliance and the end of the New Arab-Israeli War.

The Treaty

  • Israel will cede the Sinai Peninsula back to its rightful owner, Egypt.
  • Israel will be divided into two nations under the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, New Jerusalem (Israel) and Palestine.
  • Syria will be returned the Golan Heights.
  • Israel will accept the treaty, as they have no more territory and are conquered utterly.
  • The Arabian Alliance will continue on after the war is over and the treaty is signed.
  • The Federation of the Arabian Peninsula will compensate the relocation of any persons of the Jewish population who wish to move to either a different country, or a different part of the Federation.
  • New Jerusalem will become an independent country, and will be under the protection and jurisdiction of the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, but will not be an actual part of the Federation.
Israel districts

The divided Israel. Light green is the Federation and Palestine. The darker green is New Jerusalem, which is controlled by the Federation as well.