This is a treaty that settles the Egyptian-Saudi Arabian conflict and agree on the division of the Middle East.


  • The Egyptian-Saudi Arabian conflict ends. Peace is agreed between the two nations.
  • Both nations agree on this division of the middle east. (As seen on the map)
    • Baghdad is split between Saudi Arabia on the North and Egypt on the south.
    • Damascus and Homs are given to Egypt.
    • Turkish and Iraqi Kurdistan are given to Saudi Arabia.
    • Hormozgan Province is given to Saudi Arabia and Khuzestan Province is given to Egypt.
    • Transjordan,Western Syria,South Iraq and Kuwait are given to Egypt.
    • Yemen(Adan), Eastern Syria, Qatar, Bahrain, Trucial States, Oman, North Yemen, (Iraqi-Syrian)Kurdistan are given to Saudi Arabia.
  • Both nations agree to jointly fight against any nation, trying to stop this division. Both nations also agree to jointly military cooperate make this division happen.
Middle East Map(Act of Ambition)



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