Treaty of Jaffna
Type of treaty Peace Treaty
Drafted June 1643
August 8, 1643
Jaffna, Jaffna
Effective 22 August 1616
Signatories Samir III
Willem III
Ranj II
Languages Dutch, Sinhala, Urdu/Hindu, Tamil

The Treaty of Jaffna is a 1643 treaty that ended the war between Jaffna and the Kingdom of Raigama and allies.


The following nations: The Dutch Protectorate and Kingdom of Raigama (කින්ග්දොම් ඔෆ් රිගම), the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden), the Empire of Urdustan (اردو کی زمین کی سلطنت) and the Kingdom of Jaffna (ஆரியச்சக்கரவர்த்தி அரசு). in this treaty mentioned as Raigama, the Netherlands, Urdustan, and Jaffna respectively, and their vassals, colonies and states in personal union with one of the aforementioned nations shall be affected by these terms. The terms are:

  1. The Kingdom of Jaffna shall become a vassal state under the Kingdom of Raigama, and join the Greater Dutch Realm.
  2. Ranj II, leader of Jaffna will abdicate the Jaffnan throne.
  3. The Jaffnan army and navy will be under the command of Raigama and the Greater Dutch Realm.

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