This is a Treaty, dealing with the Middle East after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It was after the "Ottoman War", a result of conflicts between Nejd and the Ottoman Empire, in addition to internal conflicts in the Ottoman Empire.


  • France
  • Nejd
  • Jabal Shammar
  • Germany
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece

French Proposal


Note: This NEEDS revision.

  • Crete will fall under Greek Control, along with the Ottoman Aegean Islands.
  • Nejd and Jabal Shammar will join together. Arabia will control OTL Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Jordan.
  • The West Bank, incluing the old city of Jerusalem, will be part of Arabia.
  • Arabia will join the Global Cooperation.
  • OTL Iraq will gain independence as Mesopotamia.
  • Palestine (all land west of Jordan River) will become a French protectorate so as to mediate conflicts between Jews and Muslims. 
  • The Republic of Turkey will be established, and will be a democracy. It will include all of the Anatolian peninsula west of the 37th meridian (Western Turkey).
  • Eastern Turkey will be split into the Republic of Armenia (Northeast corner) and Kurdistan (remaining section of Turkey).
  • Istanbul and the Bosphorus area will become an autonomous region of Turkey under German protection.
  • Germany will receive naval bases on the Greek islands of Imbros and Tenedos.
  • Cyprus will be split between Greece and Turkey, except for Akrotiri, which will be ceded to Germany.
  • Mehmed VI will resign the title of Caliph, and be sent into exile.


Nejd demands that Mehmed VI resigns the office of Caliph, and that the Holy Site of Jerusalem remain under Arab control

I can accept this, but Nejd and Jabal Shammar will become separate.

Nejd Proposal


  • Mehmed VI resigns the title of Caliph
  • The Ottoman Sultanate is abolished, and Turkey is made a republic ruled by the Young Turk movement.
  • The Sulatanate of Nejd retains all the lands south of the Tigris River (including Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, and parts of Syria and Iraq).


Signatures to French Final Proposal

Zamal Ali Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Sabhan, Sultan of Nejd and Hail, Sovereign of Arabia, Commander of the Faithful

Prime Minister of Germany Gustav Bauer, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm III of the German Empire

President of France Andre Thibault

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