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The Treaty of Brannau officially ended the Second War of Bavarian Unification, the last of the Bavarian Unification Wars, which started when the Dukes of Bavaria-Landshut, Bavaria-Strauberg and Bavaria-Ingolstadt refused to swear fealty to the Archduke of Austria. The War ended with a decisive Austrian Victory, and the final unification of Bavaria under Austrian Rule


  1. Hostilities Will end Between the Archduchy of Austria and the Duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt
  2. The Territories of Bavarian Duchies Party to this conflict will be Integrated into Austrian Bavaria.
  3. Louis VIII, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, will swear an eternal Oath of Fealty to Albert, his Heirs and Successors and abdicate his Ducal Titles to Albert V & II.
  4. Louis VIII will recognize Albert V & II of Austria and Bavaria as a scion of House Wittelsbach and its true head.
  5. The Bavarian Duchies will henceforth be United into a Single Duchy of Bavaria in fact as well as Name. 
  6. Albert V & II will be recognized without contest as the Duke of a Unified Bavaria, a status not held since his Grandfather, Albert I, Duke of Bavaria.


Bindenschild Privilegium maius 1512 His Grace Albert V & II, Dei Gratia Archduke of Austria and Duke of Bavaria-Lx (leave me a message)Azarath Flag

Armoiries Bavière His Grace Louis VIII, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (autosigned due to war score)

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