The Treaty of Hyderabad was created by the Urdustani Emperor (Insert name here when Google Translate co-operates) in order to protect the Indian nations of Jaunpur and Bahamni in the wake of the the recent desire of the Hindu nations to collect debts specifically from the Islamic nations, perhaps as a falsely-created pretext for invasion.


  • The Nations of Jaunpur and Bahamni will enter into an alliance with Urdustan that supersedes the imperative of the alliances of the Indian League.
  • The nations of Jaunpur and Bahamni will acknowledge that Urdustan will protect their economic stability by placing their main economic focus in Urdustani markets, merchants, and goods, and Urdustan will in turn invest into Jaunpur and Bahamni.
  • The nations of Jaunpur and Bahamni will first seek out Urdustan in matters concerning foreign or domestic aggression, and in doing so, will receive exceptional militaristic, economical, and logistical aid.
  • The nations of Jaunpur and Bahamni will allow Urdustani advisors into their courts, replacing some existing advisors, and will in turn be given technological advances that are common in Urdustan, but not in the rest of India. 
  • The nations of Jaunpur, Bahamni, and Urdustan shall acknowledge this agreement until the end of days.

Signatory Powers

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