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The Treaty of Heligoland was a document that officially ended the Dutch-Scandinavian War of 1613.


  • The combating states of this treaty shall agree to a status quo ante bellum, with neither state acquiring any new territory from the other.
  • Scandinavia will withdraw from the Kingdom of Prussia and its acquired territories in Livonia, and shall not invade for a period of at least twenty years to ensure Prussia's safe in Scandinavia's withdraw.
  • Scandinavia will denounce all claim to the former lands of both Prussia and Livonia, and shall make no attempts to vassalize, influence, annex, or conquer lands formally owned by either of these states.
  • John II Halvar of Scandinavia shall be betrothed to Carolina van Nassau-Orleans, daughter of King Willem III of the Netherlands.

(I added those two points about Prussia just to prevent you from pulling a fast one and just reinvading Prussia. Since you're already withdrawing it should be the same effect, anyway.)


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