The Treaty of Hamburg (1504) is the signed document officially ending the war between the United Kingdoms of Greater Albion and the Grand Duchy of Hamburg. The War lasted two years and resulted in the defeat of Hamburg.



  • The United Kingdoms of Greater Albion (including Eire)
  • Hesse


  • The Grand Duchy of Hamburg

Treaty Terms

  • The Grand Duchy of Hamburg is to be divided into three zones of habitation.
  • Zone 1 will be Hesse's and includes the areas of Bremen, Bruchhausen, Lippe, and Southern Luneburg. Zone 2 will be Albion's and shall encompass Holstein, and Hansa Zone 3 is the last zone of control, all remaining territory will default to Hamburg as Zone 3's control. Mecklenburg shall also remain in Hamburgian control.
  • Further, Zone 2's control will eventually be returned to the Grand Duchy under the provision that they remain a vassal and eventually merge with the County of Oldenburg in 50 years.
  • After the period of 50 years, all territory sans the territory Hesse has, will be returned to the newly formed Grand Duchy of Oldenburg-Hamburg, with the joint rule of the Count of Oldenburg and the Duke of Hamburg.
  • Due to the status of Oldenburg as a Personal Union, Hamburg will be obligated to support Albion in wars IF the war is defensive in nature. 
  • After the formation of the Personal Union between Albion and Oldenburg, all German lands previously under Albionic rule will revert to German rule.


It is requested Mecklenburg be allowed to Hamburg, as it is an inherited land, and to allow Hamburg to have direct access to the Baltic.
-Adelheid, Duchess-Regent of Hamburg, I am that guy (talk) 18:03, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

OOC: also, Lübeck and the Hansa are the same thing.
It is also requested that after a period of time, determined by Albion, that Holstein and Lübeck will be allowed to Hamburgs zone.
-face palm- Sorry, misread the term.
Once the agreement on Mecklenburg is added (idk if I have the authority to change the treaty), Hamburg will sign the treaty.

The Clarifiaction is appreciated. Albion aknowledges the Hamburger concerns about Mecklenburg and will grant the Hamburger request. As aforementioned, all territory held by Albion (Holstein and Hansa) will be returned to the Grand Duchy at the conclusion of a duration of 50 years. Albion will return all land currently in Zone 2 to Hamburg at the time of the Personal Union with Oldenburg. If the Union occurs before the 50 year limit, the land will then be returned at that date.

Lord Alfred Reddington, Chancellor of the Exchequer TardisALLONS-Y!!,Basically, RUN!!Tardis

The agreement is thanked.

I am that guy (talk) 18:31, May 17, 2014 (UTC)
It is requested by Princess-Regent Eva that the whole lands of Luneburg be given to Hesse, as Eva's first cousin once removed's family is the royal family of Luneburg, but since Hamburg took over, she'd like Hesse to receive the lands. (Also, as discussed on chat, Hamburg's ruler is 3rd cousins with my heir, and 1st cousins twice removed with my Princess-Regent).
Count Friedrich von Berg, Commander of the 3rd 'Flagge Lager' Infantry of Regiment, Royal Messenger & Royal Adjutant to the Regents
I just checked, my ruler and your person never had a marriage like otl. I am that guy (talk) 03:58, May 18, 2014 (UTC)


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