Holy Roman Empire

The Treaty of Guelders was a treaty between Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Charles II, Duke of Guelders, signed in 1519. The treaty, however, would not stand.


The Holy Roman Empire would:

  • Recognize Charles as Duke of Guelders
  • Remove troops from Guelders
  • Allow Guelders to remain independent of Empire control in the event of male issue

The Duchy of Guelders would:

  • Pay homage to the Emperor
  • Betroth the current heiress of Guelders, Sophia,  to Archduke Charles, heir to the Emperor 
  • In the event of no male issue, Sophia become sovereign duchess and Guelders is inherited by the eldest son of Sophia and Charles


  1. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
  2. Charles II, Duke of Guelders
  3. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (then Archduke Charles

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