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This is the Treaty between Korea, ROC, Bao's Faction, and the rest of the Chinese Confederacy members to dissolve the Chinese Confederacy/Kochino and end the Second (Third) Chinese Civil War. 


Korean Proposal

The Chinese Confederacy/Kochino will dissolve under these conditions:

The cities of Shanghai and Beijing will continue to be Korean vassals.

The city of Guangzhou will be a Korean vassal.

The cities of Taipei, Chongqing will form a special economic zone between the former Chinese Confederacy and Korea Terms are: Minimal tariffs, dual citizenship, expended border crossing, special discounted rates for manufacturing licenses for both Korean and Chinese companies.

**The factions will have a military cap of three million defensive soldiers in order to ensure war never happens again.

  • Unless previous treaties limited the military to 1.5 million soldiers (Treaty of Bangkok in Wu's case)
  • Unless during a major world war or against a rogue nation (WW4) 

Regions of Control:

Wu controls Central China

ROC controls Taiwan and Southern China

PRC controls Western China

Northern China controls Northern China

Manchuria Controls Non Korean occupied Manchuria

Korea controls Korea and Korean-occupied Manchuria (Treaty of Frankfurt land gain)

All signatories agree to the Treaty of Hong Kong, Treaty of Frankfurt, Treaty of Bangkok, and the Geneva Convention.


  • The Chinese Confederacy/Kochino will dissolve
  • The city of Shanghai will remain a Korean vassal
  • The former states of the Chinese Confederacy will form a new nation known as the Republic of China.
  • The Republic of China will control all of former Wu; China, Republic of; and the states of the Chinese Confederation, with its capital in Beijing.
  • Korea controls Korea and Korean-occupied Manchuria (Treaty of Frankfurt land gain).
  • The Taipei Pact will continue to exist, consisting of China, Germany, and the United States, and will ensure peace in Asia, alongside Korea and other neighboring nations.
  • The rebel leader, General Bao, will be given over to Chinese officials and tried in a fair court.
  • All the signatories will set up special economic zones in major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, and Chongqing.
  • The Treaty of Bangkok, Treaty of Frankfurt, Treaty of Hong Kong, and the Geneva Convention must be followed 
  • All signatories agree to follow the Treaty of Hong Kong, Treaty of Frankfurt, Treaty of Bangkok, and the Geneva Convention. 



Notice: The treaty has new terms. Please read them, add your input, and sign.

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