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The Treaty of Gaur is a trade-based treaty between several Indian states and the Kingdom of Netherlands, created in order to facilitate better trade, and diplomatic relations between said Indian states and the Netherlands.


  • The Netherlands will gain plots of land in each agreeing state, just like they have in Bengal, in order to better take part in Indian trade, and enrich and diversify the economies of agreeing states.
  • The Free Travel of Merchant Proposal will remain active and not allow traders who come to the Netherlands plots in India to be taxed, nor will merchants coming from the Netherlands plots to India be taxed.
  • Harassment, or impedement of merchants from India or the Netherlands will not be tolerated and subject to punishment.
    • Furthermore, any merchant caught bribing officials, falsifying goods, and counterfiting currency will, no matter their status, race, or language, be punished just as well as those who seek to impede merchants.
  • To keep this agreement active, agreeing Indian states must not act in aggression towards the Kingdom of Netherlands, and the Kingdom of the Netherlands must not act aggressively towards agreeing Indian states.
    • Failure to abide by these terms by either side will result in the possibility of termination of this treaty.

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