The Treaty of Dubai was a treaty which ended rebels in the Persian Empire in 570.

The Treaty

  1. Persia would be renamed to the 'Persian Kingdom'
  2. The houses of the People is created.
  3. All of the Persian Kingdom will be divided into states.
  4. In each state one person would represent them in the houses of the People.
  5. There will be different parties who try and get the most seats in elections
  6. The party who gets the most seats will be the most powerful in the houses of the people.
  7. When a party wins the leader will become the Prime Minister of the Persian kingdom.
  8. The prime minister would have lots of influence in the running of the country.
  9. The prime minister will be in office for five years.
  10. Elections will happen every five years.
  11. The king would have reduced power in Persia.
  12. In the Houses of People discussions will happen in the running of the country.
  13. No bribery should happen in the elections, if found then the people involved in the bribe would be executed.
  14. If the king breaks the law he will get punished.
  15. All people would have the same laws.
  16. Laws would be decided in the Houses of the People.


Persian Empire- AH28

The People of Persia- (Mod) Knoxmoor


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