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Treaty of Den Haag (Emancipation Map Game)

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First Version (1863)

Article I – Territorial Development

  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands cede the island of Bali to the Danish Kingdom.
  • Both signatories shall recognize each other's territorial interests on other continent

Article II – Economic Development/Society

  • Non-regulated, no-tariff trade between the two will occur so that trading relations will be cemented.

Article III – Mutual Defense

  • In an event a signatory is attacked, the other will vow to declare war on it to defend it.
  • In an event a signatory's colony is attacked, the other will vow to declare war and defend it.
  • If either two partners attacks a country, the other partner will vow to send in military support in their campaigns to ensure a swift victory and lessened burden on the aggressor.


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