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Treaty of Danzig
Treaty on the Status of the City of Danzig(Gdansk), and the Surrounding Territories
Type of treaty Administrative Treaty
Drafted June 15th, 1688
July 1st, 1688
Danzig, United Republic
Effective July 2nd, 1688
Expiration July 1st, 1788
Signatories Verkhovnaya Knyaginya Elena Kondratieva,
King of France
Bajan of Croatia
Depositary Danzig Diet Hall, Danzig
Languages French, German, Croatian

The Treaty of Danzig was a document that ended the Danzig crisis


Article I

Article II


PM3HRBanCoAV1.0 His High Excellency, Bajan Juraj I. Nelipić, Bajan of the Grand Croatian Bajanate, Ban of the Croatian Banate, Ban of the White Croatian Banate, Lord of the Eastern Adriatic
URPD CoA PM3Her Supreme Princely Grace, Elena Mikhailovna Kondratieva, By the Will of People and Veche Grand Duchess of Prussia and Supreme Princess of the Union
Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France His Royal Majesty, (Name), By the Grace of God King of the French

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