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The Treaty of Dünaburg was a official document between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania, as a treaty of friendship and cooperation following recent wars in the region.


Article I

On Land

  • The region of Danzig sold previously from the Kingdom of Prussia to the Commonwealth of the Poland-Lithuania shall be returned to the Kingdom of Prussia, and established as the Duchy of Danzig.
  • The Kingdom of Prussia shall cede a region in the Baltics to the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania as compensation for the exchange of Danzig.

Article II

On Future Cooperation

  • The Kingdom of Prussia shall allow the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania use of facilities and ports in the Duchy of Danzig to support its colonies in the Imperial Sea. The Kingdom of Prussia will also agree to support Polish colonies if needed.
  • The Kingdom of Prussia and the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania shall agree to a military alliance for the purpose of mutual defense and cooperation in the Danzig and Baltic regions.


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