The Treaty of Cuzco is a treaty between the Kingdom of Spain and the people of Tawatinsuyu which guarantees Tawatinsuyu protection from other European powers, help with disease, and semi-modernization in exchange, for use of manpower, gold and silver, and the set up of Tawatinsuyu becoming a protectorate of Spain.


The Treaty of Cuzco comes out of the previous treaties with Natives in which the kingdoms and natives became a protectorates of Spain. The treaty was drawn up following an aggressive action by the Inca in which Spanish troops dealt with accordingly and shocked the Inca people with the first mass use of cavalry against the natives. This action paired with disease led to the people of Twantinsuyu (Incas) to come to the negotiating table realizing they could not compete with the Spanish. 


Article 1

On Trade

  1. Twantinsuyu (now referred to as the Inca by the Spanish) shall trade preferentially with Castile, Aragon, Navarra, Cyprus, Kongo, or any other state under the Crown of Spain.
  2. The Inca shall seek the approval of the Crown of Spain, or its duly appointed representative, prior to starting trade with a new foreign power. Certain foreign powers herein listed shall be considered "open" to the merchants of Madagasikara, but shall not receive the aforementioned preferential treatment. These nations are:
    • TBA

Article 2

On Military

  1. The population and armed forces of the a will be at the disposal of the King of Spain and his appointed royal governor. The use of these forces Inca is not to be restricted but the troops must undergo some training to reach Spanish standards.
  2. The Incas largest ports are to be developed into trade ports for Spain and multiple naval ports for Spanish military ships as well as a relatively large garrison, Spanish, hired, or otherwise supplies by Spain.

Article 3

On Diplomacy

  1. The King of the Spanish Crown shall have the authority to appoint a Royal Governor for Inca who will act as the duly appointed representative of the Spanish Crown in the empire and shall have all legal powers to enforce this Treaty as the King of Spain.

Article 4

On Amendments

  1. In order to alter the wording of the text of this Treaty, both parties must agree to the proposed changes and then the changes shall be enacted on the First Day of the Year directly following the ratification of the changes.
  2. In order to add a new section [bullet point] to an existing Article, both parties must agree to the content of the proposed section and then the ratified changes shall go into effect the First Day of the Year directly following the renewal of the Treaty.
  3. In order to add a new Article to this Treaty, both parties must agree to the exact text and then must sign off on the proposed Article, in which case the changes will be enacted on the First Day of the second Year directly following the changes.
  4. This Treaty shall remain in full force and effect until nullification is declared by either party and recognized by the other party.

Article 5

On Resources

  1. For the betterment of Spain and its economy the Spanish will require regular quotas of multiple precious metals of Gold and Silver as well as and jewels discovered.
  2. The Spanish will also require quotas of raw metals for weapons and other regular tasks.
  3. The interesting farming systems of the Inca are to be exported to the Spanish colonies and Incan engineers are to teach Spanish settlers how to use this vertical farming system to increase crop yields.

Article 6

On Expansion

  1. The Inca are to avoid expanding or going to war without the consent of Spanish government or its Royal governor.
  2. The Inca are to avoid expanding south of Lake Titicaca as the areas will be reserved for Spanish Settlement in coming years.
  3. Expansion within the Peruvian region is allowed as per this treaty. Any further expansion will require Spanish Consent.


This Treaty shall go into effect immediately following the Signatures (and Ratification, if need be) by the Head of State, or his Lawfully appointed Representative, of both Signatory Nations.

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