The Treaty of Copenhagen ended the Great War, it was signed in Copenhagen, Denmark - a neutral country so as to prevent any form of partiality, in attendance were:

  • David Lloyd George of Britain
  • Georges Clemceau of France
  • Tsar Nicholas of Russia
  • Friedrich Ebert of Germany
  • Carl Renner of Austria
  • Prince Tafari Makonnen of Ethiopia
  • King Vittorio of Italy
  • Crown Prince Danilo of Montenegro
  • King Peter of Serbia
  • Leonidas Paraskevopoulos of Greece
  • Alfredo De Sa Cardoso of Portugal
  • Takashi Hara of Japan
  • Aleksandur Stamboliyski of Bulgaria
  • Alexandru Vaida-Voevod of Romania
  • Woodrow Wilson of the US
  • Charles de Broqueville of Belgium

The Terms of the Treaty:

  • Austria Hungary would be divided into:

The Republics of Austria, Hungary & Czechoslovakia, The United Kingdom of Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia (ruled by Grand Duke Michael of Russia as King Michael I). Italy would receive Dalmatia.

  • Germany's colonies would be divided between France, Britain, Belgium and Portugal.
  • Italy would retain Libya, Ethiopia would receive Eritrea and Portugal would receive Italian Somaliland.
  • Hungary would cede all ethnically Romanian lands to Romania, almost doubling Romania in size.
  • The German Republic would replace the German Empire.
  • Germany, Greece, Austria and Hungary would have to pay reparations to the nations they had fought, as well as having limitations on their armed forces imposed.

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