The Greater Korean Republic proposes peace terms in the Treaty of Chongjiin (also known as the Treaty of Iron) in order to end the war between the Greater Korean Republic and the People's Republic of Vladivostok. International policy between the signatories shall also be discussed . 

Korean Peace Terms

1) The People's Republic of Vladivostok shall be added to the Greater Korean Republic's Sphere of Influence and Southern Sakhalin shall be relinquished by the Greater Korean Republic.

2)By being a part of the Greater Korean Republic's sphere of influence the People's Republic of Vladivostok shall be the Greater Korean Republic's vassal which means a military alliance and a free trade pact between the two nations. The Greater Korean Republic shall indirectly control the People's Republic of Vladivostok but autonomy of the People's Republic of Vladivostok is guaranteed by the Greater Korean Republic.

3) Southern Sakhalin shall be relinquished because of its historic ties to Imperial Japan. (It was a Prefecture as Karafuto from 1907 to 1945.) Once Southern Sakhalin is obtained by the Greater Korean Republic it shall be renamed to its historic name of Karafuto. 

4) All the signatories of the treaty shall discuss postbellum International Law and Policy/ 

Discussion of the peace treaty









Discussion of International Law and Policy

SAF: With this being a Major war and Korea and the PRV both maintaining the Geneva Conventions during this time of conflict surprisingly we ask that in all instances of the situations that involve war all conventions of Geneva be followed just like Pre Great War.

We would also like to discuss the terms of Nuclear weapons and their status in the post war world. Any Weaponized Nuclear weapons other than for Internationally Sanctioned operations are for STUDY ONLY and that any weaponized nuclear weapons will be considered in violation of International Law and Geneva under the Context of Mass Genocide from their previous uses as Weapons of Mass Genocide. Nuclear power for Vehicles such a Carriers, Ice Breakers, and Power in the Mainstream power grid of a nation will also not be affected by these sanctions as they are not part of a Nuclear Arsenal. All Nuclear secrets pertaining to Power Technology in Carrier Propulsion, and Main reactor power our of a land Reactor are also to be considered the explicit property of Nation that built it and will not be violated. In the Case of capture by an enemy to protect State Secrets of a Vessel the Ships is allowed to be scuttled regardless of the Consequences and Radiation as the Nuclear Secrets are privy to the Building nation Only.

The SAF would also like to push for Making Hawaii, Sri Lanka, or Singapore The possible Headquarters of the new International organization and a Global Committee be created as a subset of the new organization to help rebuild nations affected by the Nuclear Devastation. It will also be this organizations Goal to make contact with whatever nations survive in the Nuclear remnants of Europe and North America. 

Commonwealth of Oceania: We agree with the SAF that weaponized nuclear weapon usage should not be tolerated post nuclear war. But we believe that Hawaii would be a poor choice as headquarters due to its isolated position. We also believe that any captured nuclear weapon be turned over to the IFN for disposal.

SAF: The whole point is because of the isolated location. The Islands of Hawaii could very easily be used as the headquarters as it would be infinitely harder for nations, terrorists, or disgruntled people from committing an act of Terrorism against the IFN and the world leaders. The Support can easily be provided by the SAF and Oceania as well as many other of the Southern Hemispheric nations. The isolated location makes it perfect for this sort of organization, less exposure, it's not located in a major nation, its not easily reached by anyone who would wish harm upon world leaders because as it stands Hawaii is an expensive location to reach for anyone wishing for tourism, or possibly terrorism. The sheer expense needed to launch any sort of that kind of attack against the IFN headquarters would deter any would-be terrorists hence Hawaii is the perfect location.

Commonwealth of Oceania: We see the SAF's point, an agree. We propose though attempting to start regular flights/ship passages to accommodate member states attempting to get to the headquarters. We propose that the nations of the GKR, SAF, and Oceania pay for construction of the facility needed to house the International Federation of Nations.

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