The Treaty of Chan Chan is a treaty offered to the French Kingdom by the Spanish protectorate of Tawatinsuyu regarding the growing instability in the Northern Territories of the Inca. The French, who have interest in acquiring these territories are offered the northern portion, including the great city of Chan Chan, for the following terms


1) The French and Inca will occupy the territory jointly for the next year, allowing time for the residents of the region to be moved.

2)The French will provide the Inca with compensation following the end of the Joint occupation, including: <Insert large some of French money here> to be paid in full by the end of a 10 year period following the ratification of this treaty. The French will also provide the Inca with 500 firearms and 5000 rounds of ammunition. The French will also aid the Inca in a future Naval program.

3)The French will not infringe on any of the Inca's future interests or the movement of people from the lost territories.

4)The French will form an alliance with the Inca for a period lasting no shorter than 10 years.

Spanish Terms

  1. Spain requires that France not infringe upon the protectorate territorially any further and a line be drawn through the Peru region establishing the half and half border.
  2. Spain requires oversight be provided to the French in their instruction of the Inca in naval and military technology.
  3. Spain requires that France not infringe on the Protectorates Soveriegnty whatsoever after this point.



<Name>, Sapa Inca of Tawatinsuyu, Protectorate of Hispania:-- Two wrongs may not make a right, but it makes me feel a lot better in the end! 18:42, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

<Name>, leading monarch of the French Kingdom and Royal Lands:

<Alexis li Habsburg>, Leading Monarch of the Kingdom of Spain and Empire of Hispania: The Wings of Freedom #FP Wings of freedom 2 (Talk to Me)

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