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Treaty of Cardiff

This treaty hereby ends the Berlin-Dannish War (1914) if signed by Berlin, Wales, France, and Denmark. Signing below means that you agree to all of the articles below.


Article 1 - The Berlin-Dannish War (1914) has offically ended.

Article 2 - Acknowledgement that Berlin won the Berlin-Dannish War (1914).

Article 3 - Denmark hereby gives all of the Dannish-controlled German land of Schleswig-Holstein.

Article 4 - France hereby gives all the land of it's traditionally German land to Berlin.

Article 5 - All signees of this treaty agree to a 10 year non-aggression pact in effect until 1926.

Sign Here

  • His Majesty, King Alfred Yorkshire of Wales accepts these terms.
  • Berlin hereby signs the treaty.
  • Denmark signs.
  • France signs.

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