The Treaty of Caracas is the signing of an Alliance between the British Empire, and Gran Colombia establishing Military relations, mutual support in requested offensive operations, and an All Around Defensive pact between the UK and her Empire, and Gran Colombia. This also expands the current Trade Agreements between the UK and Gran Colombia allowing for mutual interests and other things to be acted on much more thoroughly.


  • Great Britain and her empire will be in a state of Requested offensive alliance between itself and Gran Colombia.
  • Great Britain and her Empire will be in a full Defensive alliance with Gran Colombia.
  • Great Britain will be allowed to use Colombian bases (unless extenuating circumstances apply) to help protect her American colonial interests.
  • Development of Industry is to be undertaken in Gran Colombia with the help of Britain. Along with this British will get special treatment on the sale of specific and needed resources from Gran Colombia.
  • The Existing trade agreement between Britain and Gran Colombia will be expanded heavily but will not infringe on the Preferential trade system Britain maintains with her Colonies.
  • Gran Colombia requests the Increased presence of British Troops in colonies in the Caribbean, Guyana, and the Falklands.

Signatory nations

United Kingdom:

Gran Colombia: