Treaty of Buenos Aires was a treaty that did ended WWII in South America which was signed by Brazil but not Argentina.The remnants of the Chilean government refuse to sign it. The terms under treaty reads:''
Map of South Amreica post-WW2 (TGWMG)

Map of South America, following treaty of Buenos Aires.

  1. Chile will cede all provinces north of Valparaíso to Brazil.
  2. Argentina will cede provinces of northern Argentina to Brazil.
  3. A new satellite state, named Republic of Buenos Aires, will be created and shall become a puppet state of Brazil.
  4. Both Chile and Argentina will pay 20% of their money to Brazil.
  5. Chilean and Argentine armed forces will lower their army and navy strength by 50%.


After the treaty, Chile engaged into Civil War. While Bolivia attacked Brazil fearing its power. Italy then came to aid Bolivia starting Brazilo-Bolivian War.

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