The Treaty of Buenos Aires is the official end of the Mapuche War between the Kingdoms of Spain and the Mapuche nation. Following a short conflict between Spanish troops and the Mapuche people the Spanish beat them with a combination of tactics and use of the disease to their advantage. With the Mapuche defeated the majority of the area fell under Spanish control. 


Following Spain's colonization of the natural harbour of Buenos Aires, the settlers and traders ran into hostile natives who called themselves the Mapuche. These people following first contact mobilized against Spain and in return the trading company known as the Buenos Aires trading company hired nearly 1000 troops from Castile and Aragon to deal with the Mapuche.

Following some suffering from disease and the Spanish forces capturing most of the Mapuche villiages the Mapuche officially surrendered and were taken control of by Spain leading to the treaty.


The Terms to the treaty of Buenos Aires are as follows:

  • The Mapuche will unconditionally surrender to the Kingdom of Spain.
  • In order to reduce revolts half of the survivors from the Disease will be migrated to a location of Spain's choosing and will be ruled as a colonial protectorate for the time it takes for their nation to get off the ground.
  • The Mapuche during their protectorate period will provide resource quotas to Spain as part of her empire.
  • The Mapuche will build a port in their new territory and allow the Spanish to use it for the duration of the protectorate agreement and potentially into the alliance agreement if the Mapuche desire.
  • After a period of 30–35 years the Mapuche will be released as an ally due to the colonial government not wishing to maintain control of an obviously hostile population. 
  • This alliance is to remain intact for a period of 50 years after which both parties may choose to renew their alliance at their own discretion.


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