The Treaty of Boston (German: Boston Vertrag, French: Traité de Boston) was a treaty ending the Great American War (1861-1865). The signatories were John C. Fremont of the United States, Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States of America, Henry John Temple of the British Empire, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte for the French Empire, Kaiser Wilhelm I von Preussen for the Kingdom of Prussia, and Kaiser Franz Joseph I for the Austrian Empire.

The terms layed out were:

1. The United States is to recognize the sovereignty of the Confederate States of America

2. All hostilities between all nations are to cease immediately

3. Alsace-Lorraine will be ceded to the Kingdom of Prussia

4. The Kingdom of Italy is to drop all claims over South Tyrol, Venice and Istria

5. The United Kingdom is to cede all Canadian lands occupied by the United States of America -- except for Quebec, which shall be styled into an independent French nation.

6. The United States will pay war indemnities to the United Kingdom and France.

7. The United States and the Confederate States will not incite rebellion in each other's borders, or attempt to influence their politics under any circumstances.

8. The Confederate States are to immediately pay full reparations for damages inflicted upon the American capital of Washington D.C.

The Treaty was signed on March 11, 1865 in Boston, Massachusetts under the aegis of President Fremont's leadership.

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