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Treaty of Berlin (Axis vs Allies: Revolutions Map Game)

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Article I: Reparations

No reparations shall be paid by any nation unto another, except in words and text. Germany shall apologize to both the Jewish Peoples as well as the nations of France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Article II: Division of Occupied Lands

Section I: Division of Germany

Germany shall be divided into four sectors, each being occupied by the following nations: the United States, Great Britain, the Republic of France, and the Soviet Union. These four occupational sectors shall be policed and patrolled by their respective nation's military.

Section II: Division of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia shall be divided into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, and Slovenia. For the peaceful transition of power, UN peacekeeping forces shall be stationed during the split.

Article III: Weapons of Mass Destruction


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