Treaty of Lisbon (1808)

800px-Charles Meynier - Napoleon in Berlin

Napoleon's second capture of Berlin

(Battle of Berlin (7/7/1809))

Drafted: 7/18/1809

Signed: 7/18/1809

Location: Lisbon

Sealed: 7/19/1809

Effective: 7/19/1809

Signatories: France, Prussia

Languages: French, German

The Treaty of Berlin was signed in May 18th, 1809 by France, and Prussia in Berlin. The treaty concluded the Prussian War. It was the final Napoleonic war on continental Europe and the last one until the English Channel War.


  1. Prussia will pay 50 million Francs
  2. The Confederation of the Rhine will receive Brandenburg
  3. All hostilities between Prussia and France shall cease


Prussia's knockout in the war finally sealed its fate, as the weakened state began its decline. It was the final war on the European continent, with only Britain left as the enemy. It eventually left Britain as the sole country to challenge Napoleon, yet this would not last for long.

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