The Treaty of Beijing is the peace treaty of the First Sino-Japanese War ceasing the state of war between Imperial Japan and the Korean Empire and the current government of China.

Article I: The Summary of the War

In 1894 the Emperor of China declared war on Japan as a result of the Emperor of Japan insulting him and invaded Korea, the ally of both Imperial Japan and Shun China and the Chinese Invasion was decimated by the Korean and Japanese defense, causing China to collapse into Civil War. In vengeance of invading Korea, Japan invaded the Shun Dynasty and toppled that. The Chinese Coalition reacted by counter-invading Beijing. The Chinese Coalition was decimated and now the Chinese Coalition, Imperial Japan, and the Empire of Korea are in diplomatic mode.

Article II: The Division of China

For thousands of years, Chinese states have fought each other in Civil War in order to eventually unite into one Chinese state, only to fall into civil war once again. In order to avoid this perpetual cycle of war and violence, the Empire of Japan has decided to usher in a new era of peace by dividing China into separate states, with Japan having indirect control of these following lands as a result of its victory:

The Empire of Northern China (Japanese Manchuria + Chinese Manuria, Beijing + Tianjin and the land of the OTL Heibei in between OTL Beijing and Tianjin and OTL Liaoning) 

Guangdong (Including the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, and Macau)


Korea shall have:

The former Manchurian territory previously lost in the Chinese-Korean War years past


The rest of China shall be divided by OTL Chinese provinces, with each province being its own state.

Article III: The Relationship Between Imperial Japan and the Chinese states.

In order to ensure economic development and peace, the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity sphere shall be established between Imperial Japan, Korea, and the Chinese States, with Japan helping the Chinese state modernize in return for minimal tariffs from both Imperial Japan, the Chinese States, and Korea. Imperial Japan shall also settle disputes between the Chinese states in order to ensure peace and prosperity.

The Independent State of China shall receive the land of Sichuan.


Emperor of Japan -KawaiiKame

Empress of Korea - Empress Hyomyeong -Seiga

Current Leader of China: #PraiseRoosevelt. 17:58, June 14, 2015 (UTC) (Player Refusal)

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