Treaty of Bangkok

Vietnam's Proposal

Greater Vietnamese Republic Demands Wu will relinquish the following provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, Ningxia, Hainan, Qinghai and Gansu and Guangxi to the Greater Vietnamese Republic. Aggression will stop between our nations and no further conflict will occur. Large movement of troops toward the borders will be seen as acts of aggression if not told by either of our governments. This also restricts the recruitment of paramilitaries. Wu’s navy can not exceed 15 submarines, 10 destroyers and/or any other type of surface combat vessel. Any military like campaigns to forcefully unify Manchuria with Wu by uses of espionage or annexation will be restricted. Unification should only be made by using peaceful methods with the consent of both governments.

Korean Demands

  • The city of Shanghai will be a vassal of Korea.

Russian Federation Demands

  • We will have infinite access to your untapped rare earth metal deposits and will be able to exploit any unexploited deposit. These mines will be guarded by our armed forces at all times and must not be stopped by your troops.

Portuguese Demands

  • Gets Macau as a vassal. Also they get Hong Kong.
  • You will comply with our demands and sign the treaty which will end the war or else we will be obliged to continue expanding through your territory and have more “harsh” demands in the next peace offering.


  • Wu negotiations: Wu comply to the Russian, Korean and Portuguese demands, but asks if Wu corporations may use these ports to export good if possible. Ask Vietnam to not cede so much of Wu's territory and restrict the size of its army, saying that similar terms in WW1, forced Germany into fascism and caused WW2, a regrettable memory for all of humanity. Hence, it asks Vietnam to not force Wu to cede so much of its own territory and restrict the size of its army, on the other hand Wu will cede the provinces of Yunnan, Hainan and Guangxi to Vietnam, as well as a non-aggression treaty and reparations.
  • Greater Vietnamese Republic negotiations: We agree with your reason, so we have taken it out.


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