This was an attempt in 1912.5 at a Treaty to end many tensions, especially surrounding Britain stationing troops in Portugal and the Balkan Wars. The Allies and the USA agreed to a German Proposal, while Russia was upset with the proposal and made their own proposal which only Russia would vote for. In the end, the negotiations failed, and the Balkan War continued.

Revised German Proposal

  1. Britain removes all troops from Portugal.
  2. Allies and Entente agree to a two year NAP.
  3. All conflicts end in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary demilitarizes its border in the Balkans, and the Ottomans receive all Muslim-Majority area except for Albania. This means that the Ottomans get the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, and the Northeastern portion of OTL Greece. Bulgaria will gain control of OTL Macedonia and Southern Dobruja, which will allow it to have ports. 
  4. Italy gains control of Libya, but the Ottoman Empire remains in control of Tripolitania, Benghazi and Misrata.
  5. If, in the next two years, the British send troops to Portugal, the Ottomans invade any Balkan nations, or any Ally declares war on any Entente Power or vice versa, the NAP is null and void and the violator shall be condemned.
  6. Albania shall be an independent nation.
  7. Articles 1 and 5 may be extended beyond two years if agreed upon. 


  • Germany: Kaiser Wilhelm II (Vatonica)
  • Japan: Emperor Taisho (Revolution 9)
  • Austria-Hungary: WITHDRAWN due to talks failing.
  • America William Howard Taft: Accepts with joy :) (AH28)
  • Spain: Eduardo Dato( Redbaran45


I would rather start the war now than sign those terms,there is no way i am signing this, this is humiliating Ottoman-Central Powers heavily favoured, and i am no signing this crap.

Russia:Tsar Alexei Nikolaevich(Wrto12)

Britain said they'd be fine with it. Also, it causes peace, not war. Finally, in OTL, the Ottomans did have those borders. So, you're preventing peace from happening, and essentially hightening tensions for war. At least make a proposal that you think is more neutral and causes peace. Otherwise, you're causing the tension and if the Central Powers win, you'll be deemed an aggressor. -Vatonica on behalf of Germany

Russian Proposal

  • Britain removes all troops from Portugal.
  • Allies and Entente agree to a five year NAP.
  • All conflicts end in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary demilitarizes its border in the Balkans.Bulgaria gets all Bulgarian majority areas and Constantinople,Greece gets Northern Epirus/Southern Albania,Serbia gets Serbian majority areas.
  • Italy gains control of Libya.
  • Albania shall be an independent nation.
  • Germany and Austria split Russian Polland.
  • If any of the above terms are breached, then its war.

Stop threatening war and make peace with the other agreement.

Rather play Russian Roulette as stated not long ago in chat.


  • Russia:Tsar Alexei Nikolaevich/Regent Grand Duke Micael Alexandrovich (Wrto12)


The Ottoman Empire has to agree to this, you know, which would never happen. Also, I, as Germany, decline, as Bulgaria has no right to gain that land and the Ottomans still have no reason to lose it.

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