Is a treaty of Peace, Friendship,Cooperation and Alliance between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Patagonia.

Austrian Terms

Article I - Territorial Development

  • The Kingdom of Patagonia shall recognize all Austrian territorial interests.

Article II - Economic Development/Society

  • Non-regulated, no-tariff trade between the two will occur so that trading relations will be cemented.
  • The Austrian/Patagonian citizens will gain extraterritorial rights, as any Austrian/Patagonian citizens who sets upon Austrian/Patagonian soil will automatically have an equal status to that of a Austrian/Patagonian citizen.

Article III - Other Terms

  • The Kingdom of Patagonia shall recognize its associate state status to Austria, which in return will help Patagonia industrialize, modernize, improve its infrastructure and provide Patagonia with better tech.
  • Austrian Empire will guarantee the independence and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Patagonia.

Article IV - Mutual Defense

  • In an event that any nation declare war to Austria/Patagonia and/or its colonies and dependencies, Austria/Patagonia and its colonies and dependencies will declare war and provide Austria/Patagonia and its colonies and dependencies with support.


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