The Treaty of Asmara was the Treaty between the Muslim Free state and the Caliphate.

The Treaty

  1. The Muslim Free state have to give half of there land to the Caliphate, in return the Caliphate won't attack them for 100 years.
  2. Trade will begin between the 2 nations.
  3. The Muslim Free State and the Caliphate will invade the land which use to be Goths.
  4. The Muslim Free State don't have to join the High Council of Eurasia.
  5. The Muslim Free State may continue to expand in Africa
  6. The Caliphate have to pay little reparations to the Muslim Free State.


  • Caliphate: AH28
  • Muslim Free State:


  • ((Mod Response)): The Muslim Free-State: The main reason our people succeeded from The Islamic Caliphate is because of their warmongering ways! Our people wish for peace and acceptance among the religious. If you really wish to attack us, we will surrender half of our lands to you, but our people refuse to fight in any more of your bloody wars!
  • In addition to this, The Muslim Free-State can't help but to notice the Red Sea is still blockaded by the Goths. Until this blockade is removed, it will be difficult to communicate with the Caliph.

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