The Treaty of Amsterdam was a Treaty proposed by Spain to end rebels in Holland against Spanish rule.

The Treaty

  1. Holland will become a client state of the Spanish Empire, this means that it will have the same monarch as Spain.
  2. The name of Holland will be the 'Kingdom of Holland'.
  3. Holland may explore into the new lands.
  4. Holland will help the Spanish in the war against the Ottoman Empire.
  5. Holland ships may freely move along the English Channel.
  6. Holland will trade with Spain and France.
  7. To make sure that Spain maintains power in Holland, Rotterdam will remain under Spanish control until the year 1706.
  8. Apart from that Holland will have control of all of ex Spanish Holland.


Spain - AH28

Holland - Mod response: yes (if fallacy don't agree with it say in the discussion box)


  • The Netherlands is actually a republic. so .
  • That's the Treaty offered. ~ AH28
  • Sorry, then no, unless you change the structure of Netherland's government.

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