Treaty of Amsterdam
Type of treaty Land Treaty
Drafted 8 August 1812
24 December 1812
Effective 1 January 1813
Signatories Rudolph I
Wilhelm II
Languages Dutch, German

The Treaty of Amsterdam was an exchange of lands between the European powers of Hamburg and the Netherlands.


  1. The Kingdom of the Netherlands will transfer the personal union over Westphalia to the Kingdom of Hamburg. This means that the Westphalian lands will transfer from Rudolph I to Wilhelm II's domain.
  2. The Kingdom of the Netherlands will transfer the colony of Nieuw-Holland (Australia) to the Kingdom of Hamburg.
  3. The Kingdom of Hamburg will transfer their Indonesian territories consisting of Aceh and small islands off of Sumatra to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  4. The Kingdom of Hamburg will transfer their Indonesian pacts and deals with local rulers to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  5. The Duchy of Luxembourg will be separated from the Westphalia, and put under a personal union with the Kingdom of the Netherlands under Rudolph I as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  6. The nation's African colonies will be separated from Westphalia, and be transfered to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Flag of ducal Hamburg PM3 V2 Wilhelm II von Hamburg, King of Hamburg, Duke of Mecklenburg, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, King of the Saxons, Protector of Stade and Münster, Defender of the Realm and its People. Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Gib clay, remove Kebab Flag of the German Empire

Flag of Nk's Netherlands 2 Rudolph I von Habsburg-Nassau-Orleans, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Netherlands and Westphalia Flippedlion NicDonalds, Beginning Editor Talk Lionsymbol

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