The Treaty of Amsterdam was the treaty that ended the First Great War. The Treaty was an embarrassment for the Entente alliance. It was signed in Amsterdam on December, 1, 1919. With this treaty, the balance of power changed forever.

Terms of the Treaty

  • The Treaty guaranteed the following points:
  • Germany is allowed to keep its land in France and Poland
  • Austria-Hungary is allowed to keep its land in the Balkans and Western Russia.
  • Bulgaria gets a slice of land in the Balkans as well.
  • The Ottoman get to keep there gains, plus Egypt is to become a Country to act as a buffer state between Great Britain's Colonies and the Ottoman Empire. They also get to keep their land in Caucasus.
  • Great Britain, Canada and America all must accept defeat in the war.
  • The Allies must pay war reparations for war damage, starting in 1921.
  • Weaker France and the Italian States are to be recognized as official states.
  • The Allies reluctantly agreed to the terms.

Treaty Effects

The effects of the treaty has a an enormous effect on the world after the First Great War. The Central Powers all had booming economies, while Great Britain lost a large amount of their empire due to the high costs of the reparations. America wasn't effected much by the treaty, except for the reparations, they remained the same for the most part, only embarrassed that they lost the war. They vow to stay out of the next war in Europe. Germany and Austria-Hungary are the ones who gained the most from the treaty. They got the economic and industrial powers of France and Russia, land, power, and weakened or eliminated their enemies. Bulgaria was actually harmed by the treaty, because the land they got wasn't productive, but they got a new, large angry minority to deal with. The Ottomans benefited from their new lands in the Caucasus. It was fertile, and had it contained a large amount of oil. The Russians were devasted from the treaty, not only had they had two civil wars in their nation, but they lost a large amount of land and almost all of their heavy industry and a large amount of their agriculture. The UCS heavily resented the Germans and Austria-Hungrians for this, and would never forgive them. The Treaty changed the world, it brought out new world powers, new alliances, new nations, destroyed old nations, and create resentments between nations that would not be forgotten for a long time.

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