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This is a treaty proposed by the Kingdom of Westralia.

The Kingdom of Westralia and Republic of Australia, in a spirit of regional co-operation and friendship in light of our many mutual interests, as well as cultural, political, economic and demographic similarities, hereby establish this Pan-Australasian Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation to strengthen existing ties between our two great nations and build new bridges through which we can together create a powerful partnership which will ensure the representation of the interests of both parties in world affairs.


  • This document may be cited in full, ie. Pan-Australasian Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between the Kingdom of Westralia and Republic of Australia as signed in the City of Alexandria in the Kingdom of Westralia, in the Year of our Lord 18XX.
  • Alternatively, one may cite this document as follows:
    • Treaty of Alexandria 18XX
    • Treaty of Alexandria
    • Australasian Treaty of Alexandria 18XX
    • Australasian Treaty of Alexandria
    • PAUST-FC 18XX
    • PAUST-FC

Article I — Mutual Defence and Non-Aggression

  • The Kingdom of Westralia and Republic of Australia shall both respect and recognise the other's sovereign rights as nation-states in the Australasian region, and will actively pursue each other's recognition by other sovereign states, and the defence of said sovereignty.
  • Should a sovereign state declare war on either signatory, the other will come to her aid by in turn declaring war on the aggressor.
  • Should a signatory declare war on another sovereign state for reasons other than to enforce their hegemony or for economic purposes, for example as a pre-emptive strike against a hostile neighbour, the other will be required to come to her aid if she requests for assistance.
  • Should a signatory declare war on another sovereign state for purely hegemonic or economic purposes, however, the other is not obligated to take any action against the enemy.
  • A non-aggression pact will be in effect for ten years, renewable through mutual consent.

Article II — Economic Assistance

Article III

Article IV

Article V


  • Sir Frederick Mayweather, Prime Minister of the Federal Government of His Majesty Alexander, by the Grace of God of the Kingdom of Westralia and Her Possessions and Lands King, Defender of the Faith
  • Robert Dry, Prime Minster of Australia, New Zealand and Australian Guinea.

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