Aegina Treaty Final PM3 1402

The final version of the Treaty of Aegina.

The Treaty of Aegina is an important treaty that resolved the current diplomatic crisis between the Ottoman Sultanate and the Roman Empire that culminated in the Ottoman Blockade of Constantinople.


The provisions of the treaty are as follows:

1. The Ottomans shall surrender the yellow and orange areas to the Romans and Venetians respectively.

2. A non-aggression pact will be in place concerning all signatories for 15 years following this treaty.

3. Venice will recognise the recently dethroned Kings claim to Arta while the Ottomans will recognise the Governor General of Epirus's inheritance of claims from the dethroned Kings daughter. Furthermore, the Ottomans and Venetians will protect each other's claim to said lands.

4. All signatories - barring the Romans - will stand down their naval presence in and around Constantinople.

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