Treaty of Adrianople
Adrianople Treaty 1454 PM3
Map showing the territorial changes of Signatories
Drafted 1454
Effective 1457
Signatories Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517) Ottoman Sultanate

Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venetian Republic
Flag of the Roman Empire 1265-Present Roman Empire
Flag of Hungary (PMIII) Hungary
600px-Flag of United Principalities Romania
Flag of the Mashriq Mashriq Sultanate
Flag Georgia

Languages Vèneto

The Treaty of Adrianople was a multi-party treaty that ended the Albanian War of Independence between a coalition of Venice, Hungary, Romania, Rome, and the Mashriq against the Ottomans. Although the war officially ended in 1454, negotiations stretched on for many years and there were many notable incidents between the two sides as one or both sides squared off each other and in rare cases fought each other even after the ceasefire. Both sides soon came to agreement over the treaty and peace was made between the two sides of the war.

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Treaty of Adrianople

Concerning territory

  • Albania shall be freed from Ottoman rule under the protection of the Romans
  • Thrace, Macedonia and Thessaly will be ceded to the Roman Empire
  • Bulgaria shall be ceded to become an independent nation under the protection of Romania
  • The Aegean Islands shall be ceded to the Venetian Republic
  • The south western Anatolian coast of the Ottomans shall be ceded to the Venetian Republic
  • Serbia shall be released from vassalage, be granted the lands south of it and come under the protection of Hungary
  • Ramazan shall be recognised as belonging to the Mashriq Sultanate

Concerning influence

  • All signatories shall recognise the lands of the White Sheep Turks as within the Georgian sphere
  • All signatories shall recognise the lands of Arta as within the Epirote sphere
  • All signatories shall recognise the lands of Karaman as within the Mashriq sphere

Concerning other agreements

  • All main nations shall sign a non-aggression pact to last for a period of twenty years, enforceable by the other signatories of this treaty
  • The Ottomans must not levy tariffs or other taxes on trade on any Roman, Venetian, Georgian, Hungarian, Romanian or Mashriq vessels or merchants for the period of the non-aggression pact
  • The Ottomans will pay 600,000 Ducats worth in Reparations to the Georgians every year until the end of the non-aggression pact
  • This non-aggression pact may be broken to enforce sections of the treaty if they are violated.
  • Concerning other issues, please refer to the map


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