Treaty of "El Escorial"
Treaty for the correct distribution of North American territory colonization
Type of treaty Colonial territories distribution
Drafted N/A
El Escorial, Spain
Sealed N/A
Expiration N/A
Signatories N/A
Parties Kingdom of Spain

United Kingdom

United States of America

Tsardom of Russia

Languages Spanish, English and Russian

Currently under construction

Colonial interests and claims

  • Kingdom of Spain: We would like to keep the island of Victoria as well as all our current domains, a slight expansion north toward Victoria from New Spain is also desired (southern one-third of OTL state of Oregon)
  • United States of America: We would like to retain OTL Idaho State. We are willing to split OTL Oregon in equal northern and southern halves, with the Southern half being Spanish territory and the Northern half as ours. We would also like sovereignty over OTL Washington State. We will not state our claims in OTL British Columbia until the United Kingdom has set her terms.
  • Portugal would like to be granted control of any of Montserrat, Martinique or Guadeloupe, as a result of the war of the Third Coalition. We also would like to allow any country to be able to sell slaves to the US and Caribbean sugar makers from European colonies in Africa. Portugal rescinds their demands.
    • United States of America's reply to Portugal: Any deal which will bring back slavery to the U.S shall be rejected. We have taken great measures to give every slave freedom in our territories and nothing will change our mind about this matter (Abolishing slavery without the South rising up was one of the first things I did. And by the way this isn't the peace treaty for the war of the Third (?) Coalition. If you want to take some islands from France you should go to the Treaty of Paris page of this map game).
    • Portugal Reply to US: We are fine with not doing any slave deal. Also, we know that this isn't the place for Third Coalition stuff. To tell you the truth, nobody was responding to my demands on that page, so I was trying again here, but I got what I wanted now. I currently have no demands in North America.
  • Russia: We would like to acquire all land in Alaska (as OTL Alaska) as well as the Alexander Archipelago.